Finca Albellons Parc Natural

It will be 27 years since we opened. After a few years of renovation and a lot of enthusiasm to start a fascinating and unknown adventure, on the 2nd of April 1995 we opened the doors of Finca Albellons farmhouse.

A family dedicated until then to agriculture and livestock farming would take on the management of an agritourism.

The patriarch Sebastián, the matriarch Francisca; their two sons Sebastián and Juan; and their respective wives: Marilen and Xisca, who resigned from their previous jobs to support the new project.

The main reason for doing so was to be able to continue looking after our beautiful estate at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range and not be forced to give it up because of its difficult agricultural maintenance due to its orography. To do otherwise would mean abandoning our dedication and vocation for the countryside and looking for another way of life in another sector.

We learnt languages and took advice to start an efficient agrotourism management. Our differentiating point had to be to make the guest feel at home, to perceive the atmosphere of family hospitality.

At that time we did not yet have internet access. The first three years were hard. In the third year we were lucky enough to be visited by Hans Grundman, who recommended us in his guidebook "Reise know how". This visibility led to a visit from a German journalist who published a 7-page report in the magazine "Für Sie" (For her) with the title "Leben wie Got auf Mallorca" (Living like God on Mallorca). This was our luck.

Finca Albellons Parc Natural

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