Last week Finca Albellons Parc Natural was published in a weekly column in the leading German magazine "". Written by the journalist Carsten K. Rath.

Below you can find an extract of the article and the link to enjoy it in its entirety:

"The Finca Albellons Parc Natural exudes an incomparable Mediterranean romanticism thanks to its hidden location and rural landscape. Sturdy wooden beams, natural stone staircases and Mallorcan tiles make the interior feel quaint and rustic. At the same time, the rooms offer all the comforts you could wish for as a guest: fibre optic internet, flat screen smart tv and, above all, a perfectly functioning air conditioning. In the 35-degree summer heat, this is particularly important.

The terraces are protected from prying eyes. I enjoy my time on cosy Balinese beds in the shade. Apart from the chirping of crickets, birds, the bleating of sheep and the soft sounds of sheep bells, I really hear nothing here and recharge my batteries in this wonderful natural environment.

Last but not least: sustainability is a living reality at Finca Albellons".




Finca Albellons Parc Natural

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